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Mexico is a magical place where you will find history, routes, and gastronomy among many other things.

Mexico has a considerable number of UNESCO World Heritage sites, with the list including ancient ruins, colonial cities, and natural reserves, as well as several works of modern public and private architecture.


The city of Puebla is the capital of the state, the fourth Mexican city by the number of its inhabitants. A historical, industrial, and educational city in which more than five million people, making this state the fifth most populated in the country.

Located in a valley near four volcanoes, Puebla is 2,160 meters above sea level in the central east of the Mexican territory. It borders to the east with the state of Veracruz, to the west with the states of Hidalgo, Mexico, Tlaxcala and Morelos and to the south with the states of Oaxaca and Guerrero.

The state of Puebla has been of great importance in the history of Mexico. Inside it have been found the oldest remains of corn and sweet potato cultivation in the Tehuacán region; It was the scene of such important pre-Hispanic cities as Cantona and Cholula.

The city of Puebla is known for its historical sites, its typical cuisine and its popular arts, such as the most emblematic Talavera from Puebla. The language is Spanish, although in some areas of the Puebla valley the native language, Nahuatl, is still spoken.

Puebla not only attracts national and international travelers for its amazing landscapes and countless attractions. It also attracts attention for its gastronomic richness and history.

It can be said that Puebla is one of the states with the most charming Magic Towns in the country. In each of them you can delight yourself with exquisite food and delve into the beautiful culture of Puebla.

Here, there are endless attractions and activities that await you!